What is Retro(spective)?

Retro(spective) is an expansion of a series of blogs I did on IGN called Classic Game Replay. While my previous pieces also examined older games, Retro(spective) is about a wider range of video game related topics, including systems, games, and creators. Along with my thoughts, the blogs feature basic information about each game, including where you can find and play them. The Retro(archive) page has handy links for quick references to these pieces.

What Else Can I Find on Retro(spective)?

The rest of my writing is devoted to thoughts on the videogame industry at large, both its history and current events. I want to take a different approach to video game writing here on Retro(spective), examining deeper issues and thoughts that most sites don’t bother to delve into. The Blogs page is where I’ll be accumulating those pieces of writing.

My professional writing is compiled under the Published tab. It’s a good place to go for more of my thoughts on videogames, and serves as a sort of portfolio for those interested in me beyond blogging!

Toy Box is a fun feature where I look at a variety of video game toys, figures, and memorabilia that collectors and fans alike will love. These pieces are collected in the Toy Box tab.

Art is my second passion, and the Gallery tab is where you can find my latest works. Some pieces have been used professionally, while others are just things I’ve done for fun.

Finally, the Reviews tab is where I have catalogued my evaluations of the best and worst titles in gaming. I do a mixture of modern and classic game reviews, all evaluated using a 10 point scale.

How Often is Retro(spective) Updated?

I generally post once a day, at least five to six posts a week. Each tab is kept up to date, so you can always get right to what you’re looking for.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Dream Address:


Be sure to check out the museum for some nifty Nintendo displays!

How Do I Contact Retro(spective)?

I’m open to questions and feedback, so please feel free to get in touch with me at the listings below! I’ve also recently become a staff writer for Nintendojo.com, so please give the site a look, especially if you’re a Nintendo fan!

E-mail: rmarrujo@att.net

IGN Blog | San Leandro Patch Blog | Piedmont Patch Blog | Nintendojo.com


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