NintenDOJO Preview


So, you’re thinking, “where’s this guy been for, like, days?” To which I will respond… busy! Been. Busy. As all three of you know, I write for Nintendojo these days, and as such, it cuts into my time to pontificate here with you all, on occasion. The end result of this latest interruption is the result of maybe on of the most ambitious things I’ve ever worked on; NintenDOJO!

NintenDOJO is basically a fight comic where I will be taking fan-favorite Nintendo characters and pairing them with other characters from other companies to, well, fight! Some pairings are more obvious, like issue one’s Mario vs. Sonic bout, but others will be much more outlandish, like Link versus Cloud! I can’t tell you all how excited I am to be working on this.

Issue one is getting close to being done and will be out soon, but to tide you over and give you an inkling of why I’ve been neglecting my duties here, I proudly present a (slightly cutoff) preview of the cover to issue one (see above)! Thanks, everyone, and I look forward to posting on here a bit more regularly once again! The candle is burning at both ends, so I’ll do my best.


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