Finding Solace


Sometimes life sucks. You’re going along, doing your thing, when suddenly, a kick to the groin from lady fate hits you square and sends you to the ground. Things have been tough lately, but one thing that always helps me through is playing video games. I was tempted to say that’s cliched, but really, what’s cliched about the soul-saving sanctity of immersing yourself in a game? To me, it’s no different than a book or TV show, in that you get to escape from the gnawing white noise at the back of your head.

So, no, not cliched; healing. Last night was especially awful, but I made it through with a little Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Everything I was struggling with was momentarily compartmentalized and I could finally have a little peace. That is magic. That is why I love video games, and sitting here, writing about them for all ten of you out there to read. No matter who you are, video games aren’t judgmental. Take New Leaf, for example; as down as I might ever feel, my good buddy Tex is there with a smile. Is he real? No, and I know that. But it makes me feel a little better, and I think that’s a good thing.

So when you’re getting kneed in the face by the world around you, find comfort in your favorite game. Don’t lose yourself to that festering darkness that tries to get the best of all of us. Go for a race, or a game of hoops, or bounce your head into some coin blocks, instead. Just don’t ever let it become game over for yourself.


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