Slim Chances


Sony’s announcement of the impending release of PS Vita Slim in Europe has me more hopeful than ever that the redesigned console will be heading our way soon. Not that it’s going to matter, at this point; Vita is doomed. At least, that’s how I felt a few months ago when I was picking up Soul Sacrifice. With an anemic software library and overpriced hardware, I truly believed that Sony had set up Vita to be even worse off than PSP. The Slim, though, offers the floundering handheld a shot at respectability that Vita more than deserves by fixing everything Sony got wrong in the first place.

It seems simple enough, to me; all the Vita we love at a cheaper price, lighter weight, and slightly less-amazing screen. Seriously, why isn’t this just announced for the US already? Vita launched with the same old problems that hurt PS3 and PSP, and despite living the nightmare for a couple of years now, Sony is refusing to just pull the trigger. The price drop on the system and memory was a move in the right direction, but the Slim needs to happen now.

Rebranding and redesigning PS3 was the best thing that ever happened to the console. The continuity that should have happened in the transition from PS2 to PS3 was finally, properly established when the original PS3 Slim debuted, and Sony’s sales really picked up afterwards. Vita can at least start pushing more units if the Slim, with its cheaper price point, comes to America. Shifting consoles alone won’t be enough, of course, but the bigger the install, the more developers we can hopefully expect to return to the system.

I’m all for the niche titles that Vita has been graced with, and its indie darlings are some of the best in the industry, but the AAA companies would be more than welcome, too. Outside of Ubisoft, there aren’t a lot of developers willing to polish their titles before release (looking at you, Activision), and some no-brainers like Resident Evil: Revelations never made their way to the platform. More units sold will hopefully lead to injecting some new blood into Vita’s software catalogue.

So color me cautiously optimistic for Vita, as the Slim just might be what it takes to turn things around and make Sony’s handheld a contender again. I think it’s fair to say that Vita isn’t ever going to catch up to 3DS, but the Slim has the potential to bring more people into the fold and reignite interest from lapsed fans. Now, Sony, just let me know when I can go get my pre-order in on that awesome green and white model!



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