Toy Box 12-Toy-Site Diddy Kong Plushie

Released: 1999 | Manufacturer:


My sister and I have a simple arrangement when it comes to plushies; I’ll buy them for her, but I won’t keep any for myself, unless it’s something really special. My rationale is that if I drop dead in the middle of the night, I don’t want the EMTs to come in and find me surrounded by Mario and Link stuffed animals. Haha, anyway, Diddy here is one of the special plushies. My aunt found this somewhere during her many travels through various department stores, and she was nice enough to let me bring it home a few months ago. A quick dusting and de-linting later, and he now sits pretty on one of my book shelves. A quick Google search reveals that (Diddy’s maker) is no more, sadly, but my memories of this plush will always remain! It’s about 5″, give or take, and is very meticulously made. A wonderful piece of late 90’s Nintendo memorabilia. One of these days, I’ll dig up my Nintendo Power plushies for everyone to check out, but until then, bask in the wonder of Diddy. See ya next time, readers!


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