Nintendo Direct 12/18/13


Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed quite a bit of excellent information, especially considering so many people’s low expectations before the broadcast. Here’s a brief rundown of everything you need to know in order to get all caught up.

Hyrule Warriors

Teaming with Tecmo Koei, Nintendo announced this new, action-focused spin on The Legend of Zelda series. Gameplay is based on Tecmo’s Warriors games, so look forward to Link decimating legions of enemies! Loving that scarf, btw.

Yoshi’s New Island

The 3DS installment of the beloved series is coming in 2014, with creator Takashi Tezuka as part of its creative team.

NES Remix

A bunch of NES classics have been broken down and shuffled around, forming very Warioware-esque experiences. Available on Wii U.

Bravely Default Side-Story Demo

Exclusive story content not available in the actual game will serve as the demo for the highly anticipated 3DS title. Available January 2.

Sonic Lost World Nintendo DLC Zones

Yoshi’s Island Zone is available now, pitting Sonic against Shy Guys and Piranha Plants. It looks ridiculously fun, and Iwata strongly suggested that a Zelda-themed stage is coming next.

Dr. Luigi

Well, now we know why Luigi doesn’t star in as many games as his brother; he’s been busy earning his doctorate. Typical Dr. Mario action with a Luigi theme, including a new mode with L-shaped fusions of the colorful capsules from the series.

Rosalina in Smash Bros.

She sure has been busy lately. Following appearances in Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D World, Rosalina (with a Luma friend in tow) will be making her Smash debut on both 3DS and Wii U.


Kirby Triple Deluxe

This title looks like a great, traditional Kirby experience, with a couple of new game modes shown off today. 3DS needs a Canvas Curse sequel, though; just sayin’.

Wii Sports Club Adds Golf

Available today, and looking mighty fine in HD. Probably the best visual upgrade of the three games available so far.

Luigi’s Mansion Figurine

Club Nintendo members get to plunk down 1500 coins for this amazing little diorama. Paint me jealous, in multiple coats.

Chibi-Robo Photo Finder

January 9 sees the return of the miniature custodian, with an emphasis on taking photos of objects from real life that will fill in mysterious silhouettes in-game. A demo will be arriving shortly.

Celebi For Pokemon Bank Users

Become a Pokemon Bank user and get a free Celebi for use in Pokemon X and Y.

Cranky Kong Re-Confirmed as Playable in Tropical Freeze

Just in case you’ve been avoiding the internet for a minute, Nintendo has reiterated this will be Cranky’s first playable outing and brought some pretty footage to show it off.

And that’s just about it! Be sure to watch the actual video (which are always fun). I’m looking forward to everything that was shown today. If Hyrule Warriors is half as good as Crossbow Training, 2014 is already shaping up to be a memorable year for Nintendo fans.


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