Thoughts on XBox One and PS4 Launch


Besides a crippling lack of cash, I didn’t see any reason to jump on board with PS4 and XBox One just yet. Aside from lackluster launch lineups, there are always problems with new hardware. Something overheats, a disc try shoots out like a bullet, and a thousand other nasty little glitches rear their heads in the early days of every console launch, and PS4 and One have been no exception. Sometimes, there are systems that dance between the raindrops, but for the most part there are growing pains aplenty to contend with as an early adopter.

That begs the question, though, of why anyone would take the risk, especially when console prices are at their peak for a launch. It’s simple; there’s nothing quite like snagging a new console right when it comes out. Every box is its own world to explore, with interfaces to learn, controllers to experiment with, and a slew of features to become familiar with. When I got my Wii U a year ago, I was thrilled standing in line with other Nintendo fans, knowing that we’d all be going home and discovering the system’s new intricacies. It’s not often you can get that many like-minded video game players in the same room!

A sense of community isn’t uncommon in the world of video games, but fans are certainly often limited by the digital confines of the medium. Some people can boast about having hundreds of friends across their various consoles, but how often they actually see and interact face to face with any of them is another story. Console launches are one of those rare opportunities to meet other gamers in person and talk about their favorite pastime. One of these days, someone is going to see that there’s money to be made in creating a place for gamers to meet, play games, and enjoy one another’s company, but that’s a blog for another day.

While Sony and Microsoft will eventually work out all the kinks, there’s no denying that, so far, both companies have quite a bit to celebrate this Christmas. It’s a good sign for the industry, as pundits are hellbent on proclaiming consoles a dying medium of entertainment. Fans have come out in droves to prove them wrong, but hopefully this outpouring of affection will be as perpetual as it is passionate. If it does, maybe fans can look forward to the PS5 and XBox Two in the future. Whatever system you’ve chosen to plant your flag behind, happy gaming, and Happy Thanksgiving. I might pop in tomorrow, but if I don’t, be safe out there, Retro(readers).


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