2013 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

It’s Christmas (yes, I am not saying holidays!) time, folks, and that means… shopping. Assuming most of you (all five of you) reading this are gamers, here’s a handy guide to help you sort out the must-haves of the season. Whether you buy them for someone else or yourself is up to you!



Tales of Xillia | PS3 | $39.99

Namco’s latest Tales installment is a gem, with beautiful graphics, the series’ action-packed battling, and an engaging story. No one’s PS3 should be collecting dust if they have yet to play this excellent action RPG!


Super Mario 3D World | Wii U | $59.99

If there’s any excuse to own a video game system, let alone a Wii U, this is it. 3D World is a spectacular reminder of the heights video games can reach. The multiplayer is also fun, particularly with the new scoring system that will have folks fighting for the top spot.


Pokemon X and Y | 3DS | $39.99

Pokemon have made the transition to 3DS spectacularly. Battling features excellent new animations, the mix of new and returning Pokemon is very pleasing, and the transition to fully three-dimensional rendered environments and characters shines on 3DS. New adopters and long-time fans will find a lot to love.


Batman: Arkham Origins | XBox 360 | $59.99

The follow-up to Arkham City is an excellent game and easily worth a play for fans of the comics and/or Arkham series. Combat is as visceral and free-flowing as ever, and the story will keep you hooked through to the end.


Rayman Legends | PS Vita | $39.99

Rayman Legends on Vita is an excellent way to spend a bus ride, or a toasty night in front of a fire. You could play it in a sewer and still enjoy yourself, and with Vita’s exclusive content, you’ll get a bit more bang for your buck than on other systems!

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection | PS3/XBox 360 | $149.99


Now THIS is a gift. Packed with multiple Street Fighter games, an art book, a statue, music, and more, no matter which system you get it for, the 25th Anniversary Collection is a stellar tribute to a wonderful franchise. You can find it for cheap, too, on multiple websites these days, including Capcom’s own store for only $50 (while supplies last)!



Metallic Gray PS3 DualShock | PS3 | $54.99

Quite possible the coolest new color to hit a DualShock in a while (though Gold isn’t bad, either), Metallic Gray might sound a bit odd, but it sure doesn’t look it!


XBox 360 Special Edition Gold Chrome Controller | $54.99 | XBox 360

Another compelling controller color variant, this gold chrome 360 pad might be considered gaudy by some, but it’s certainly a conversation piece, if nothing else.

Mario Wii remote  Luigi Wii remote

Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus | $39.99 | Wii/Wii U

These pair of remotes are an excellent way to keep clear which controller belongs to whom. Bonus points if you grow a matching ‘stache to go with them!



Super Mario K’Nex | (Above) $34.99-Various

K’Nex excellent Super Mario toys have branched out this year, with more random mini figs, packaged sets of mini figs not available individually, and fun little action sets like the one above. The Mario Kart line also continues to see some love, so you have quite a few options for the builders in your life.


Capcom 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia | BradyGames | $16.99

Read up on everything you could ever want to know about Ryu and Mayor Haggar, all in one handsome hardcover volume.


Metal Gear Solid Risk | USAopoly & Risk | $49.99

All the tactics and espionage without the confusion!

Honorable Mentions

Nintendo 2DS and Wii Mini are both excellent ways to get someone gaming on a budget, as they retail for $129.99 and $99.99 each. Also, keep your eyes peeled for excellent deals on bundles of last-gen’s systems (PS3 and XBox 360) and Wii U! It’s no fun to game if you have nothing to game on, after all!

Concise, I know, but I plan on updating this list a bit as the shopping season continues. As it stands, though, this is a good starting point. Be careful shopping, dear readers!


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