Toy Box 7-1989 Super Mario Large Plush

Released: 1989  Maker: Applause Inc.


I was lucky enough to find this in an antique shop in Reno a couple of years ago, just sitting by its lonesome on top of a bookshelf. I love these older pieces of Nintendo memorabilia because there were quite a few different interpretations of what Mario was supposed to look like back in the day. The NES was limited in being able to communicate exactly what the characters looked like, especially as compared to today’s HD systems, so the illustrations by designers didn’t always translate n the game, which in turn didn’t always translate to the toys. This big Mario plush is a perfect example of this, as he certainly isn’t as cute-looking here as he is now. There’s also a small version of this plush as well, though I’m heartbroken to say that mine is missing is hat! A wonderful, old piece of videogame memorabilia this time around, folks! Catch you all next week.


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