Toy Box 2-Pokemon School Supplies Set

Welcome to Toy Box #2, dear readers! Today, I have an interesting 3-piece school supply set of unknown origins. It was released circa 1999 and is comprised of a Pikachu calculator, Jigglypuff tape dispenser, and Bulbasaur pencil sharpener. I originally had the packaging, but (sigh) it’s been lost to time and the trash man. As a result, I’m not 1000% sure who the manufacturer might be. My internet searches have yielded nothing. The closest I came to figuring out was a similar set by Tomy, but it featured a couple of other Pokemon than the ones I have. Regardless, they’re super cool and guaranteed to make you the most awesome kid in school if you can get your hands on a set!


Here goes the three figures head-on.







That’s it this time, folks. I’m still experimenting with the format for this, so bear with as I find the right groove for my toy showcase. Until next time!


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